Marketing Plan



1- Target Market Strategy

Mission/Vision/Strategy Creation

Is the format, time and place which we would like to be in.

Is the Roadmap which will lead the project to achieve this vision.

The next step is to determine the strategy required for each of these Missions, the required strategy is a strategic plan, and each strategy required identifying a group of objectives with some specific time programs to reach them


2- Prepare and analyze the current situation
SWOT Analysis
(Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks)

- Strengths in order to achieve the maximum benefit from it.

- Weakness to developprograms and plans for its development and improvement.

- opportunities in order to make best use of it.

- Risks and potential threats which you must be known to develop alternative    programs Risks and potential threats (Threats), which you must know to develop
   alternative programs it.

3- Identify strategies and marketing objectives

- Product strategy

• Create brand names
• Design trademark
• Design packages

- Pricing Strategy

- Establish price policy
- Study of pricing affecting factors
• impact of demand factor
• impact of competition factor
• impact of the cost factor

- Set up the suitable price which gives the ability to profiting and    continuing
- Set up types of discount which will be given to the distributors

- Distribution strategy

- Establish distribution policy
- Identify areas that will be relying on both direct and indirect  
  distribution. Identify areas of the overall and selective distribution

- Promotion strategy

- Develop promotion strategy
- Advertising goals of advertising campaign and its achieving    strategy
- What is the proper way to spread the advertising message

4- Develop marketing budget
5- Develop operational programs
6- Estimate the expected results
7- Define the alternative plans
8- Follow up, review and evaluation reports