Events Management


We provide support and services related to the management and organization of exhibitions, conferences and symposia.

Information Databases

The success of (exhibition/conference/symposium) is linked to the availability of information and the participation of the largest number of people interested in the subject of the event. So, the database we have, and its classification would absorb the largest bracket of people interested in the event (exhibition/conference/symposium)

Delivery of Invitations:

The delivery of invitation is an obsession worries the facilitators of the (exhibition/conference/symposium), as delay in delivering the conference or the fall of some names inadvertently causes embarrassment. So that assigning this task to a specialized team has the experience in organizing hundreds of conference will reduce - even eliminate- the delay ratio or the failure in delivering the invitations. We have alliances with specialized postal transportation companies and IT companies, which leads to smoothly and easily delivery of invitations.


International and scientific conferences are held in different languages, so there is a need for accurate scientific translation into one or two languages. The type of translation varied between simultaneous and written according the conference requirements. We are providing experienced translators along with high level of facilities.

Souvenirs and Shields

Souvenirs and shields are key part of an event, so the selection, provision, and appropriateness of which are the main services of the company.


Some events require resorting to voting whether to ratify a decision or election of a member etc; so that provision of voting advanced equipment and its efficiency contributes to provide a perfect image of the organization


Our strong relationship with sponsoring and supporting companies for conferences and events facilitate the provision of earnings to spend on the requirements of the conference, event, or campaign.